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How Vanti are tackling racism

When George Floyd was brutally murdered on 25th May 2020, it sparked an international reaction. Protests took place the world over, demanding justice for Floyd and for Black lives everywhere. Companies rushed to publicly acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement and state what they were doing to tackle racism.  Vanti was not one of those companies, but internally, many conversations were taking place. These ranged from us voicing feelings of[…]

DIDFest: Redressing the Balance

If you follow Vanti on Twitter, you may have noticed a fair few tweets with #DIDFest2019 infiltrating your timeline in recent weeks. Perhaps you’ve been curious enough to click on one of these and find out a bit more about this unfamiliar hashtag, but if not: DIDFest is a brand new event dedicated to promoting diversity in digital, and the inaugural event is all about women in tech.