Join Team Vanti – Leadership Team Coordinator

When we’ll pick up interviewing for the role:

August / September

When we think we’ll need someone to start:

October / November


Leadership Team Coordinator


Central Birmingham

Job type

Full time/part-time; permanent

Delivering exceptional experiences for our clients and teams is at the heart of everything we do at Vanti. As a result, we’ve grown our client base and developed a world-class reputation in the industry. We’re now looking for someone to join the team to collaboratively work alongside the Technical Director (Raj) in supporting the delivery of key business objectives, workflows, tasks, and technical input to manage expectations for feasible time frames and responses.

A key part of this role will require you to work closely with Raj, the wider internal leadership and business improvement teams as well as key external clients to build effective communication streams and working relationships across the business. This role is essential to improve the capacity of the Technical Director and increase the effective use of their time and availability to focus their attention on the strategic objectives.

As the business develops through key stages of growth, you will help to fill key functions and shape roles to address these needs in the transition to new people being added to take on these roles full time.

In regards to a role title, we feel this could be classed as many different names! We’re not the biggest fans of titles that put you into a box, so here are a few that might correlate to the kind of roles we’re looking at: Project Coordinator; Business Analyst; Executive Assistant; Senior PA; Project Support, Junior Project Manager.

Salary range

Firstly, because we know how important it is to give people an idea of what they’d be earning in this role, the salary range we’ve got in mind is £25,000 to £30,000. If that sounds ok to you (or even if it doesn’t), we’d like to say a bit more about salaries, so please read on…

Vanti is a privately owned, small, growing business. We’re completely bootstrapped (meaning we’ve never taking investment) and we’ve learned how to be frugal and smart with our spend. That being said, we’re doubling in size year on year and the demand for what we do is getting bigger and bigger, so investing in great people is key. We’re not fans of putting people into ‘boxes’ and limiting their ability to evolve their role over time; we find that change is constant for us, so the role you do today might look very different in a few months’ time (sometimes more responsibilities, sometimes harder ones… sometimes something completely new!).

This evolving nature of people’s roles means we’ve found it challenging to develop salary grades and bandings, and very much rely on what feels fair following conversations with potential new team members. We have a rough idea in mind of what salaries we pay for certain types of roles based on current team members and market rate (hence the range we’ve advertised for this role), but we prefer to have conversations with candidates and discuss what they’re looking for – especially individuals who rely on a minimum income to support families.

We would hate to say “we will only pay up to £30,000” and for that to put someone off who could add huge value to our growth journey. This means that the range listed at the top of this section could actually have a higher upper bound, but we can guarantee you that it definitely won’t be below the lower figure.

We’re super transparent and happy to chat about all things finance, money and problems very openly, so feel free to ask us if you’d like to know more!

We expect you’ll spend much of your time…

  • Attending key meetings with the Director to provide context, understanding and to support follow-up actions e.g. project meetings, key client/partner meetings and leadership team and business improvement team meetings.
  • Being on conference calls together to help capture and communicate actions to others in the business.
  • Managing the Director’s diary, including arranging, planning, reviewing and scheduling.
  • Daily catch-up calls/meetings with the Director.
  • Being a sounding board to help the Director articulate ideas and ways to communicate to others in the business.
  • Facilitating internal business meetings, capturing notes and key actions, setting up agendas, tracking actions with others in the team to ensure completion with time frames agreed.
  • Producing and collating information to communicate back to the business, and providing leadership updates, e.g.regular progress reports and updates.
  • Chairing/leading the business improvement meetings and supporting the output of business improvement team.
  • Collating and analysing information from various internal systems when required.

What your responsibilities will look like

  • Swift and accurate handling, writing and replying (drafting where appropriate) of the Director’s correspondence.
  • Pro-actively ‘manage-up’ the Director and others in leadership & business improvement teams, to status check where they are with their objectives and chase for information as necessary.
  • To provide research material for background, writing briefing notes, analysis and research for solving problems in the areas for business improvement.
  • Documenting business processes, methodologies and SOPs.
  • Ensuring that travel, accommodation and full itinerary is arranged by the accounts team.
  • Be a spokesperson and make decisions on behalf for the Director in their absence.
  • Playing an active role in facilitating internal business meetings, capturing notes and key actions, and setting up agendas, tracking actions with others in the team to ensure completion with time frames agreed.
  • To provide research material for background, writing briefing notes, analysis and research for solving problems in the areas for business improvement.
  • Assist in the Director’s projects, general administration and other duties as required.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the Director’s time and availability to focus their attention on strategic objectives.

You should apply if…

  • You have a keen eye for detail, and are super organised with great communication skills.
  • You want to belong to a team of fantastic folks that works in a slightly different way, and who are continually sharing ideas with each other and learning.
  • You want to contribute to something awesome, and grow and develop with us over time.
We’re not looking for someone who:
  • Is only in it for the money.
  • Doesn’t care about the work they’re doing.
  • Isn’t interested in the bigger picture.

There’s nothing wrong with being motivated by money or seeing a job as just a job, but it’s very unlikely that such a person would feel fully satisfied and fulfilled working at Vanti.

Extra info

The interview process will consist of an initial introductory telephone screen to get to know you a little more and to share more detail about the role. There will then be 2x face-to-face interviews which we try and do in one day, but where diaries prove a little tough to match up, we may have to spread these over different dates. Please advise us at the beginning on as much of your availability and preferences as possible.

If this sounds like something you want to know more about, please email Danniie, our Talent Coordinator at and she’ll be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.

Want to know more about working at Vanti?

Check out this info before you apply.