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Service Engineer


This role will be based from the Vanti HQ and on relevant project sites. Project sites will be a mix between the Midlands, London and potentially other areas of the UK. There may also occasionally be some travel to Europe in the future.

Job type

Full time/part-time; permanent

Vanti’s Service Engineers are at the heart of ensuring our clients have the best ongoing experience with the technology we deliver. The team interact directly with clients and stakeholders to fix and proactively address a broad range of technical issues from our Birmingham HQ base, remotely and on client sites. We’re looking to grow our team and find someone who will be able to rapidly skill themselves up on our existing client infrastructures and new technologies, won’t panic when confronted with a new problem and certainly won’t mind the occasional big hairy issue that takes patience to work through! 

We’re looking for an experienced individual capable of juggling a range of issues simultaneously, proactively managing our clients’ infrastructures and working in a way that leaves them feeling delighted after receiving an excellent service. Due to the range of technologies we support, the environment our Service team work in can often present new challenges that we’ve not encountered before, so we’re looking for someone who’s fairly unflappable and is comfortable continually reassessing the priority of their tasks and making decisions on the fly.

The technology we implement often underpins how our clients operate on a day-to-day basis, so as well as being super-responsive to issues as they arise, you’ll need to be well organised and efficient in taking care of routine tasks such as health checks, backup monitoring, patching and licencing renewals.

Salary range

Firstly, because we know how important it is to give people an idea of what they’d be earning in this role, the salary range we’ve got in mind is £35,000 to £45,000. If that sounds ok to you (or even if it doesn’t), we’d like to say a bit more about salaries, so please read on…

Vanti is a privately owned, small, growing business. We’re completely bootstrapped (meaning we’ve never taking investment) and we’ve learned how to be frugal and smart with our spend. That being said, we’re doubling in size year on year and the demand for what we do is getting bigger and bigger, so investing in great people is key. We’re not fans of putting people into ‘boxes’ and limiting their ability to evolve their role over time; we find that change is constant for us, so the role you do today might look very different in a few months’ time (sometimes more responsibilities, sometimes harder ones… sometimes something completely new!).

This evolving nature of people’s roles means we’ve found it challenging to develop salary grades and bandings, and very much rely on what feels fair following conversations with potential new team members. We have a rough idea in mind of what salaries we pay for certain types of roles based on current team members and market rate (hence the range we’ve advertised for this role), but we prefer to have conversations with candidates and discuss what they’re looking for – especially individuals who rely on a minimum income to support families.

We would hate to say “we will only pay up to £45,000” and for that to put someone off who could add huge value to our growth journey. This means that the range listed at the top of this section could actually have a higher upper bound, but we can guarantee you that it definitely won’t be below the lower figure.

We’re super transparent and happy to chat about all things finance, money and problems very openly, so feel free to ask us if you’d like to know more!

We expect you’ll spend much of your time…

  • Collaborating with the Service team to share knowledge and solve problems across a wide range of technologies for a wide range of clients
  • Acting as an escalation point for other team members and making decisions on how the team should proceed
  • Proactively taking tickets appropriate to your skillset and capacity
  • Delegating tickets to your teammates to ensure we never breach SLAs
  • Proactively managing your workload and continually re-prioritising tickets and tasks based on the influx of new issues
  • Investigating incidents, technical problems and support requests
  • Responding to and investigating alerts raised by our remote management tools
  • Carrying out project work and upgrades for client systems
  • Attending client sites to resolve issues that we’re unable to fix remotely
  • Diagnosing and rectifying faults to ensure that all systems are fully functional, and that equipment/system downtime is kept to a minimum
  • Liaising with clients to understand new or emerging technology requirements and working with other team members to sell infrastructure/device improvements or increased levels of support
  • Patching Windows and Linux servers on a monthly basis or when critical security patches are released (may be required to work out of UK working hours)
  • Supporting the roll-out of new applications for Vanti and our clients
  • Regularly assessing our own infrastructure to ensure we’re running as efficiently and securely as possible and taking advantage of new technologies

What will your responsibilities look like?

  • Attending the daily service stand up in person when you’re in the office or by dialling in when working remotely
  • Participating in Service and whole-company team days onsite
  • Effectively communicating with Service and other teams to solve problems and provide context or information
  • Creating, reviewing, and updating documentation
  • Monitoring emails, tickets, and alerts, logging tickets and keeping your tickets up to date
  • Taking phone calls that come through to the Service desk
  • Liaising with third party vendors/suppliers
  • Technical decision making within the Service team – either in relation to internal tasks or client tickets/projects
  • Advising our Sales/Procurement/Accounts teams (e.g. for hardware specifications or billing information)
  • Identifying and managing the timely escalation of tickets that have been allocated to you but need additional resources within the team
  • Providing guidance and training to the wider team where you have skills or knowledge that can be shared with them
  • Supporting the development of the Service team by helping to address skills gaps

What technologies you will be expected to be able to manage…

As mentioned previously, we support a huge range of different technologies (we cannot emphasise this enough). Whilst a lot of the work the Service team do is IT-based, we work in the wider context of technology in buildings and frequently deal with audio visual technologies, building control/management systems, and more. We absolutely don’t expect someone to be able to walk in the door and instantly be familiar with every type of technology we touch; what‘s more important is that you have a good base knowledge in certain areas, and a willingness to learn (and fast).

If you have experience working with building technology, control systems, or AV, it’ll be a huge bonus as it’ll give you more context about what we do, but it’s not a necessity. We’ve therefore split the below into ‘must haves’ (what you’ll need to get this role) and ‘nice to haves’ (what you’ll be expected to learn in your time with us).

The must haves…

  • Deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Windows Servers, including Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File Services (DFS), Network Policy server (NPS), and Remote Desktop services
  • An ability to troubleshoot and carry out basic administration (patching, maintenance, troubleshooting) of Linux operating systems, including CentOS and Ubuntu
  • Strong networking abilities and able to adapt knowledge to multiple manufacturers. Cisco, Meraki, HPE, Alcatel Lucent & UBNT Switching, SonicWall, pfSense. VPN services etc.
  • Server infrastructure works including Dell & HPE Servers, SANs, VMware (ESXi and vCloud), Hyper-V and ProMAX experience
  • Some experience or theoretical knowledge of cloud computing platforms management including Azure and AWS, including management and day-to-day operations of these environments (an AZ-900 certification would be awesome)

The nice to haves…

  • Deep technical knowledge of Linux operating systems, including CentOS and Ubuntu. Working alongside DevOps operations including Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase and Node-RED experience and managing critical web and application servers, including private key infrastructure (PKI) / SSL and MySQL administration
  • Experience with monitoring technologies such as PRTG, Solar Winds, Nagios, WhatsUp Gold
  • Microsoft Intune/Endpoint Manager and Jamf (MacOS) experience, including configuration and installation, script creation for automatic application installation
  • G Suite and Azure AD (including AAD DS, with AD Connect) experience. Conditional Access, SSO/SAML (IDP2.0), ATP and DLP services
  • VOIP and video conferencing technologies, including 3CX, Microsoft Skype for Business, Teams, Polycom, Cisco VC, Zoom
  • Experience with conference room technologies such as Crestron, Extron, AMX, Biamp, BSS Soundweb
  • Experience with video and audio processing technologies
  • Building-related technology experience such as access control, CCTV, BMS, lighting, etc.

Extra info

  • As with a lot of companies, it’s not currently business as usual at Vanti! Most of our team are currently working remotely unless they’re required in the office for any reason. We normally try to hire people based in the West Midlands, but COVID-19 has helped us to realise we can support a predominantly remote Service team. However, your attendance at the office will be required some of the time (at least once or twice a month so you can get some quality in-person time with the rest of the team), and you’ll likely be required to visit client sites in Birmingham, London, and beyond (see below) when we can’t fix problems remotely, so ideally you’ll be within a sensible commute of these locations.
  • During your first month, you will be expected to be in the office at least a couple of days a week so we can get you introduced to some people and give you a nice smooth onboarding experience.
  • The majority of the client sites we attend are in the UK (usually London or Birmingham) but we do also have clients in Europe and beyond. Whilst international site visits are not an everyday occurrence, they do happen, so you’ll need a valid passport to enable to you travel abroad when required.
  • All career development plans are tailored to every individual. We don’t believe in the career ‘ladder’ – we believe personal and professional development is complex and on-going, so we will continually look to support you in both your learning and which roles and responsibilities you’d like to take on.

Want to know more about working at Vanti?

Check out this info before you apply.