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Careers and COVID update

Hello! Thanks for taking a look into what it might be like to work with Team Vanti 🙂

In March, we decided to put our interviewing process on hold for our live roles to see how the following months panned out in relation to COVID-19 and the impact on the economy.

We’ve furloughed a large part of the team, but we’re grateful that we still have a good number of exciting projects and design work, still operating at full capacity, and we’re slowly beginning to unfurlough some roles. Although the future of the workspace has shifted in light of people being able to work more flexibly, the need for buildings to have better experiences for people, and support their well-being, is now more important than ever, so we’re very excited about the future!

How does this impact our recruitment?
For some of the roles that we were beginning to search for in February, we have paused the interviewing and selection process for at least until August / September. Others, however, will become more urgent so we will be picking up interviewing for these in July.

We’ve made a note at the top of each of the job specs with an estimated date for when we will be going live again and also the month we hope someone to be able to start in that role (please note, this may be subject to change).

If there’s a job you particularly like the look of or think you have transferable skills for, please feel free to apply or send a message to if you’d like to find out a little more. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 1-2 weeks tops as we’ve been on the other side and know how frustrating it can be being kept out of the loop!

Over the next 6-12 months, we’ll be hiring for Developers, Engineers (AV, Networking, Systems), Project Managers, People Experience Leads, Operations People, Coordinators, Designers and many more… So if you can’t see something visible right now, we would still love to connect and get to know you, in case something changes in the near future 🙂

Look forward to meeting you,
Team Vanti x

Vanti Life

A huge part of our lives are spent at work, which is why we’ve built a team and business full of individuals who love what they do. Find out more about what it’s like to be part of Team Vanti.


As a small company that’s growing fast, we’re doing a lot of on-the-job learning, and we want to be completely transparent and upfront about the challenges we’re currently facing.

The process

Going for a new job can be pretty daunting, so we want to make our application process as clear as possible. Take a look at the stages successful Vanti applicants will go through.

Our promise

We know that applying for a new role can be a huge decision, which is why we’ve taken some time to work out and clarify what we can promise everyone who wants to join us.