Vanti Life

A huge part of our lives are spent at work, which is why we’ve built a team and business full of individuals who love what they do. Vanti Life is about being productive, improving ourselves, and having a good time doing it.

When Vanti began over a decade ago, our founder Raj was a sole trader, hauling cables and equipment across London by bike.

We’re now substantially larger (and have a different name), but some things have stayed the same – like the fact we’ve always been dedicated to providing our clients with incredible service and innovative solutions, and hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come. Key to this is hiring talented, motivated individuals who feel like they can flourish in the Vanti environment.

Every member of Team Vanti is as vital to the success of the company as the others. We prize personality, passion and talent above an impressive-looking CV, and are always keen to talk to people who share our drive, enthusiasm and most importantly, the Vanti Values.

We want people who can live what we’re all about. We want original thinkers and team players with grit and gutsy vision. It’s about the work, of course, but it’s also about being part of a group of creative, down-to-earth and passionate people you wouldn’t mind spending time with outside of work.

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What’s Vanti Life really like?

We’re a small business growing fast; as such, Vanti HQ is not a place of perfect organisation and process – sometimes it can be like changing the wings on an aircraft, mid-flight (and we get that that’s not for everyone)! We want to make sure everyone interested in joining our awesome team understands the challenges we’re facing at the moment, so they can decide if it’s the right environment for them.

Our culture is a work in progress

At Vanti, you don’t have to be a certain way, look a certain way or come from a certain background. We want and need people who think differently and approach things in different ways, so we can truly provide the very best experience and solutions for our clients. However, we know that hiring a diverse range of folks comes with its own challenges. We’ve been working hard over the last year to provide tools, training and on-going support to help people understand themselves and their teammates better, so ideas and feedback can be shared freely and confidently without fear of judgement. It just so happens people make friends along the way too… ☺

There’s still a lot to improve – but anyone can help!

We cannot overemphasise the fact we’re not perfect (and probably never will be); there’ll always be room for improvement! But we get that this can feel ambiguous and scary for some people – so we want to be clear that even though some things might be missing or aren’t quite right yet, anyone in the team can take ownership of problems and make them better. Whether it’s the way we run interviews or internal meetings, how we share information, or how we create a more fun team environment; if you think it can be better, you don’t need to be told to do it or wait for it to happen… you can either do it yourself, or bring together a group of teammates to help you.

The industry we work in has yet to be disrupted

As a technology company specialising in the built environment, we’ve become all too familiar with the challenge of working with an industry as traditional and slow-moving as construction. We’re working every day to educate and support our clients in the art of the possible, whilst setting realistic expectations and working with challenging constraints. We love this, but it’s not without its frustrations! You’ll need to be prepared to work as smartly as you can, but be receptive to the fact your plans may need to change. Our aim is to help the construction industry and the world by designing and building smarter buildings that benefit everyone. Not an easy feat!

What can you expect if you apply?

At Vanti, we very much hire for the person first. That means regardless of the role we’re looking to fill, we always look at the individuals who apply before we evaluate their technical skills – if they aren’t a good fit in terms of their personal values, or they aren’t comfortable with our current challenges, Vanti is not likely to be the best place for them.

Because of this, you might find our recruitment process takes a little longer than you’re used to. We’ll generally kick off with an initial phone call, then an informal coffee and a chat. If it seems like we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, you’ll be invited into our office for at least two more sessions so you can meet a few members of the team and so we can understand a bit more about your current skill level. We know everyone has different preferences when it comes to interviews, so we’ll talk to you about what approach will allow you to be as ‘you’ as possible.

Our aim is to go the extra mile to ensure that every person who wants to join Vanti feels valued, respected and ‘in the loop’, whatever the outcome of their application. 

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Current roles

A note to agencies and recruiters: we’ll get in touch if we need your services. Thanks for your interest and understanding.