IM Group is a Midlands-based property, car, and finance business and one of the UK’s most successful mid-size companies. Their new state-of-the-art campus was designed and delivered as a replacement for IM Group’s previous office, after they were forced to find a new home when HS2’s plans drove a train through the office – literally.

The campus needed to serve as the new home for offices and a training academy, acting as a hub for the IM Group companies including IM Properties, Spitfire Bespoke Homes, International Motors, Isuzu UK, and Subaru UK. Andrew Edmiston, the Managing Director of IM Group, set out to create an incredible working environment, with a strong focus on attracting, retaining, and evolving talent. After identifying this requirement, it was vital that the new HQ included thoughtfully integrated technology that contributed to an incredible user experience. That’s where Vanti came in.

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Vanti were brought on board to design and deliver the integrated technology experience. We were able to get involved with the project early on in the process, enabling us to deliver as much value to the client and end users.

This includes fully customised design and integration of more than 10 meeting rooms, conferencing and informal spaces, software design for system controls, large scale showroom technology integration.

For this project, we developed custom interactive software to enable seamless user experience at IM’s new headquarters. This was achieved through using interactive touch devices as control modules in all areas, all with purpose-built interfaces that could quickly be visually customised by the client.

Customisation was key in this case as the new office space is shared by several brands who are part of the IM Group family, so carefully coordinated brand colours and motifs were a key visual deliverable when it came to building the software – the landing page now provides a quick branded skin selection. 

Frustration-free interactions are a vital part of what makes our work stand out. We design technology integration around how people use it, so changing the landing pages and options to suit the different spaces that they sat in was important. The main page, once the branding is aligned, allows the user to select outputs, with the most common options allowing for: HDMI, Clickshare and TV Channels. Dependent on the space the device is in, additional controls will be available, such as room volume/mute.

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All rooms feature a highly detailed level of integration, designed entirely around IM Group’s needs. Some technology is seen throughout, providing universal functionality across a range of spaces:

  • All rooms and integrated spaces are managed by a building-wide integrated booking system
  • All screens are fitted onto spring-mounted brackets – allowing for rapid maintenance and fast issue resolution
  • Motorised ceiling speakers that don’t take up visible real estate or remove from the ambience of the space when not in use
  • Intuitive technology for optional wireless presentations
  • Retractable table-mounted HDMI input sources
  • Discreet HDMI input plates

The Showroom

Upon entrance to the building, IM required an exciting space to make a strong first impression for visitors and staff alike. This area, which can also be used for events, is where the magnitude of Vanti technology is first introduced to building users. The space includes:

  • A massive 6.5x7m LED wall displaying branded content, HDMI output, and TV channels
  • Two Shure microphones for events
  • A 98-inch screen and signage player
  • Four loudspeakers and two subwoofers, allowing for the broadcast of curated content, microphones, and background audio
  • Options for wireless presentation
  • Individual microphone volume level control through interactive control devices

Other rooms

There are a number of other room and space types present in IM Group’s impressive headquarters. From informal booths ideal for ad-hoc catch ups and quick meetings, to co-working areas and larger meeting rooms, we’ve helped to deliver an environment that easily accommodates difference styles of working so everyone feels comfortable and productive. This includes:

  • Divisible meeting rooms that respond intelligently to how the space is being used
  • Three front of house rooms that play host to many building guests – so must instantly impress!
  • Eight presentation rooms for internal use, designed for fast turnaround and simple set up and shutdown
  • Three Skype-enabled meeting rooms with heightened elements of interactivity and intuitive video conferencing
  • A formal meeting space and executive boardroom, allowing for large occupant capacity whilst retaining exceptional user experience
  • Several bookable booths, which can play host to informal chats or more structured smaller meetings
  • Social and recreational spaces where team members can relax during breaks or bond together as a company

We provided a range of technology for the above rooms, including screens of various sizes, wireless microphones and headsets, VoIP devices, presentation and video conferencing systems, AV recording, and ceiling speakers and integrated subwoofers – most of which are controlled by intuitive in-room touchpanels.

What IM Group used us for:

What IM Group used us for:


Scouted, designed, and delivered within a two-year window, IM’s partnership with Vanti was one built on trust in our ability to fulfil promises and hit tight deadlines.

In the words of IM Group, the newly unveiled £30m headquarters rivals any offices previously seen outside of the capital. This is a considerable step forward for IM’s reinvestment within the Midlands, supporting the continuing regeneration of the surrounding Blythe Valley Park.

An environmentally led approach to this project has resulted in an enormous modern campus with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

A space with state-of-the-art amenities designed and maintained specifically to enable the working styles of a modern business are now repaying by way of providing an exciting and efficient working environment for a talented workforce. IM are already predicting that this will translate into high talent retention and a significant increase in attractiveness as an employer for up-and-coming talent.

Vanti delivered project completion according to the narrow time frame requirements of the project, as well as coming in at approximately £80,000 under budget. Our empowerment-centric offering often allows us to impress clients without breaking the bank, where a better world is our goal – not just making the most profit possible.

This was a truly enjoyable experience from all at Vanti, who appreciated the opportunity to work on such an exciting project, so close to home.

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Majella Lynch

Project Director,
IM Properties

“Vanti worked with us from the early stages of the project to develop the technology concepts that would support our people working in their new home. They arranged multiple site visits to their existing clients and specialist vendors so that we could see the technology in context and hear from people who use it every day.

During project delivery, their approach to collaborative working with other contractors was clear and their offsite build capabilities meant that we were able to sign-off equipment configurations before it ever came to site, significantly reducing the time they needed to spend onsite. An integration specialist that has a positive view on deadlines is unusual, but even more unusual was Vanti’s willingness to take on additional systems integration activity during an in-flight project to ensure we delivered the high-end finish we envisioned across the programme. Having now seen the benefits first-hand, we’re excited to develop the relationship between IM Group and Vanti.”

Mike Brooman

CEO, Vanti

“As huge advocates for the Midlands, it was great to be invited to work on such an enjoyable project right on our front door. It’s brilliant to see companies like IM Group embracing innovative design and we applaud their willingness to explore how technology can be leveraged to create workplaces that truly get the best out of people. We think IM Group’s new head office will quickly become representative of the standard other companies wish to achieve in their own spaces.”