Informa (formerly UBM), a global marketing and communications business with 5,000 staff across twenty countries, wanted an innovative, smart workplace that was just as ambitious, cutting-edge and agile as they are. Their new office at the prestigious 240 Blackfriars Road development in London was the opportunity to make a bold statement about the business and its future.

Their Head of Facilities Management had a strong vision for Informa’s future smart workplace. He realised that there were more efficient ways of Informa using space with their desk utilisation running at around 40% and meeting rooms always fully booked (although often empty and even when in use, not always at their proper capacity). He also realised that although employees care about the environment, they are busy, so he wanted to automate as many routine power switching tasks as possible to save energy.

We helped deliver an immersive, inspiring and flexible smart workplace across seven storeys that encouraged real-time communication and collaboration on a global scale. The results have been impressive:

  • Full building technology system integration, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), BMS (Building Management System), fire alarm, room and desk booking, visitor management, cashless vending and more to bring an inspiring and creative space to life.
  • Smart floors are 50% more energy efficient that their non-smart equivalents with Informa’s workplace achieving the highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating of Platinum (with the second highest score in the UK).
  • £1m annual productivity savings through use of task automation and Informa’s ‘Bring it Home’ initiative, designed to encourage people to bring clients and partners to the new space and to host events there rather than hiring external venues.
  • £1.6m in additional annual revenue achieved by optimising space based on analysis of usage data to achieve a mobility ratio of 1.8 people to every one desk.
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Integrated. Seamless. Adaptable. Hidden. Easy to use. These five ideas were the cornerstone of our collaborative approach. Across the seven floors of this iconic development, every single touchpoint, including customised interfaces and displays, was thoughtfully designed and seamlessly integrated to create an unparalleled digital experience.

This included customising AMX touch panel interfaces, best-in-class NEC displays, JBL and K-array speakers, and Clock Audio / Shure mics. All devices included low-level power control to achieve a LEED Platinum-Assured building.

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What Informa used us for:

What Informa used us for:


As both a digital experience, an investment and something to shout about, Informa’s new world-class office space not only delivers on their every requirement but is also helping them to work, learn and live more productively and creatively every day. It is a standout example of how smart building technology can transform lives. 

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Personalised check-in

Informa has the ultimate collaborative office of the future. Instead of being tethered to your desk, touch panels in the lobbies of each floor allow employees to select where they want to work that day.

Collaborative project rooms

Project rooms with Ultra HD Smart Boards, video conference cameras and pendulum, ceiling-mounted mics capture workshops between teams and make working across locations and timezones a breeze.

Secure, discreet personal storage space

With a flexible open desk policy, each Informa employee also has access to their own touch-enabled smart locker to store their devices, documents, and personal belongings when not needed.

Multi-function breakout spaces

Reliable connectivity and easy set up means that the Informa office is a completely flexible space. These breakout spaces can host training sessions and presentations, small group catchups and town hall meetings. (We even added a ‘party button’ that dims the lights, fires up the speakers and busts out the 80s tunes.)

Smart meeting rooms

No more waiting around in the corridor to see if a meeting room is free. Our smart meeting rooms can be booked and cancelled through a simple online portal or an intuitive AMX touch panel outside each room.

These meeting rooms are ready to go when you are. All rooms have a touch panel interface to let people control the temperature, artificial lights and natural light levels, with automated blinds and window blackouts.