MEPC tasked us with delivering one of Birmingham’s first smart buildings at One Centenary Way, to attract blue-chip businesses to lease space in a competitive marketplace, set the gold standard for workplaces in the city centre and to provide added value for tenants in the building. As a Birmingham business we were thrilled to be setting the standard for smart buildings not only in the UK’s second city, but nationally as well.

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At the outset, Vanti was tasked with providing a smart upgrade to the original designs for the building’s specifications. This included Smart-enabling the building to provide additional value for MEPC and its tenants, ensuring all works could be carried out in an auditable way through the use of asset management and labelling tools, securely connecting all building systems to common network and server platforms securely, extracting performance-based data and providing control from MEPC’s cloud environment, and creating ways for the supply chain to minimise time onsite whilst being able to configure all of their equipment offsite if necessary.

The building is underpinned by Smart Core, a Building Operating System which integrates all of the building systems seamlessly to deliver the most efficient spaces possible. 

Before starting the project, we started a supply chain engagement exercise to ensure we were all on the same page as to what was delivered, and everybody understood which parties would be responsible for each phase of the project.

Once the complex designs and drawings had been completed and the existing cloud services were confirmed, we commenced on developing asset tracking and labeling software for use in the building, which effectively makes it easier for facilities managers to monitor and maintain their technology systems. We also began building the environment configuration and integration offsite and tested network connections including for phones offsite before moving to site.

Once onsite, we moved all of the necessary equipment onsite while keeping network downtime to a minimum, as well as coordinating, supporting and collaborating with onsite teams to bring all network equipment online. We also configured a temporary wireless network for users to keep the building running while works are ongoing.

Once equipment and technology was brought online, we created tenant API endpoints and appropriate network security rules and integrated the systems before carrying out several rounds of testing before handing over the operational team, making it a simple, easy transition for those who use and manage the building.

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What One Centenary Way used us for:


The spec and technical standard of the building has already attracted huge attention with leading businesses such as Arup and Goldman Sachs committing to space pre-completion, and other businesses such as Mills and Reeve and JLL joining them. The building is widely seen as one of the most innovative buildings globally, and has been shortlisted as a finalist In the 2024 Innovation Awards.

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