BSH Home Appliances is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe, and a market leader globally. The company includes some of the biggest names in white goods and small appliances, including Bosch, Siemens and Neff, and they required a new training centre and conference suite that would encompass the family’s brands.

In order to create an environment that utilised the latest technology to maximum effect, BSH Home Appliances enlisted the help of Green Room, a company that specialises in designing and developing compelling brand and retail experiences. In turn, Green Room brought Vanti on board to take care of the facility’s digital deliverables.

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We were delighted at the opportunity to partner with Green Room on this exciting project, and made sure our digital input truly did BSH Home Appliances’ products justice by matching their innovative approach. We’re particularly pleased with the conference suite, which is designed to be incredibly flexible; the soundproofed dividing screen can be easily moved, and the AV system is intelligent enough to know where the divider is located, and therefore what the audio-visual requirement of each area is.

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  • Totally integrated audio-visual and IT across the three brand zones, designed to help BSH Home Appliance’s sales team truly understand the product ranges
  • A state-of-the-art conference suite that can be split into two separate areas using a soundproofed moveable screen, with a dedicated system for each that operate independently, or combine for whole-room events
  • AV technology that instantly updates to deliver content relevant to the current visitors, managed via an intuitive system
  • Seamless, hidden hardware and cabling to deliver the high specification facilities
  • Polished, mirrored, motion-activated screens on the walls of each zone that present the brand’s story
  • Site-wide wireless to allow team members to access information at all times from mobile devices

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By pairing our skills with those of the Green Room team, we helped to create an innovative and exciting space that successfully brings BSH Home Appliances’ three distinct brands together. The state of the art training centre and conference facility has a strong focus on flexibility and adapting to the needs of the user, and will enable BSH Home Appliances to update and utilise the individual areas as and when they need to.

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Andrew Jones

Marketing Director,
BSH Home Appliances

“We are delighted with our new innovation centre. The final execution brings to life our vision of creating a hands-on environment that empowers retail staff to know, understand and, therefore, sell the BSH home appliance brands more successfully.”

Mike Brooman

CEO, Vanti

“We loved working with Green Room to develop BSH Appliances’ new Home of Innovation Centre. We hope that Vanti’s digital displays and AV systems really help users get the most out of the facility.”