In October 2017, Vanti were referred to handle all of the AV needs at Swingers’ new location in London’s exclusive West End. 

Swingers is an exciting and fun combination of crazy golf, street food, and cocktails so this was an amazing opportunity for Vanti to show off the ability to leverage AV to create immersive hospitality experiences for customers as well as supporting the staff that work within the space. 

The client’s brief was complex, and the team worked carefully to understand it properly, and to ensure the solution exceeded all expectations. 

In short, Swingers wanted the AV installed to support and emphasize their unique 1920s English Riviera theme through music and lighting so that the customers using the space can enjoy socialising with a competitive aspect. However, the AV setup also had to be flexible enough so that staff were able to configure the various private hire zones to allow for multiple groups to use it at the same time. 

As well as the demanding brief, Vanti were also challenged with meeting tight deadlines as well as ensuring the solution’s reliability. Meaning this intricate project had to be delivered at speed whilst also being extremely robust. 

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Technology installed included:  

  • 65” Samsung leaderboard screen. 
  • 55” Samsung moveable screen. 
  • 4 x 32” Samsung signage screens to be used by the food vendors as digital menus. The content can be changed on the fly for specials with each vendor using their own dedicated screen. This solution received such positive feedback that we implemented it in Swingers’ London City site. 
  • 28 & 32” Samsung screens, showing order ready information for the street food vendors. 
  • 13 individual audio zones discretely powered by Crown amplifiers and JBL speakers. This provided the flexibility that the client needed to match the sound levels to the intended profile of each space without breaking the immersion of the 1920s theme. 
  • A Crestron processor allows for iPad control over all the video and audio, selecting from a number of OneLAN players for managed content along with HDMI input sources at key locations We also developed bespoke user interface on the iPad for powerful yet intuitive control 
  • Lightware VINX AV over IP encoders & decoders are used to distribute the video sources throughout the venue, providing full flexibility to show any source on any combination of screens. 
  • BSS Soundweb for audio processing.  

Meeting tight deadlines and ensuring a robust solution 

The client had to meet a tight schedule. Vanti’s flexible approach to working meant that where possible, work was completed off-site, so that when equipment arrived it was already working. All of the racks were built at Vanti HQ, the bespoke interface was developed ahead of schedule which allowed for amends and client approval, and our engineers were committed and worked around the clock. 

To ensure the solution provided was secure and technically sound, Vanti ensured that the system could be accessed remotely,  that in the event a fault occurred, complete control over the system can be retained.  

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What Swingers West End used us for:

What Swingers West End used us for:


Swingers West End is an incredible experience, for both customers and staff and the systems installed by Vanti play a crucial role. 

The choice to deploy industry standard audio and visual products led to an extremely immersive experience for customers. All of the screens and speakers are individually routed which means management can divide the space into smaller areas for groups to use separately with their own music and visuals.  

Vanti worked hard to ensure deadlines were met by assembling as much of the equipment off-site as possible and performing rigorous tests. 

The high-quality technology used helps to ensure the solution is robust and the VPN access allows for easy support, should it be required. 

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“Vanti delivered a fantastic service for us at Swingers West End. Not only did we have a fairly complex set-up, it had to be delivered on budget and on schedule, which was a challenge given that the venue build occurred during the winter storms (aka the Beast from the East) of early 2018. Vanti went above and beyond to get the job done and their team were always friendly and personable to deal with.” 

Matt Grech-Smith / Co-Founder and MD, The Institute of Competitive Socialising