Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust


The Trust wanted an interactive workspace that would transform the way they worked and help them deliver care in more innovative, creative ways.

We worked closely with them to design and install audio-visual technology and technical infrastructure that opened up the space, creating a functional and seamless area that inspired everyone.

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We dared to imagine what a modern collaborative workspace for the Trust could look like – and then went above and beyond to deliver exactly what they needed. It was nothing flashy, just a really useful digital space where people could come together to share their projects and thoughts and work together across different media.

Employees can now write and share notes in real time, sync their screen to any of the three interactive Smart projectors and easily connect different devices to the room’s technology to present, share and collaborate seamlessly.

  • 12 square meters of collaboration space
  • Installed three interactive Smart projectors and matt whiteboards
  • Created a simple, central device plugin system
  • Delivered hands-on training to teach the team to use the solution
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What we did for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust:

What we did for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust:

“The specification works very well –  you put the pens on the table and people get drawing. We would have done this activity on a flipchart before – now we can move things around, erase things, write over notes and annotate directly onto PowerPoint presentations. It really releases the creativity for me, and others say the same.”

Dr Clive Thursfield / Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust /

“Everyone can see everything we need to bring on the screens – we have no paper here. And I can send all the notes we make together with the minutes after the meeting. We have deliberately brought a number of other meetings that wouldn’t normally be here to this office and when people have seen this system they say it is a good way to work and they like that way of working. The value of this system can be seen in the final creativity of what we are doing – it has had a really positive effect on the way we work.”

Dr Clive Thursfield / Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust /