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Windrush Day: Celebrating the Resilience and Contributions of the Windrush Generation

On the 22nd June the UK celebrates Windrush Day, a day dedicated to recognising and commemorating the immense resilience and the sacrifices and accomplishments of the Windrush Generation. For our People Director Alisha Cohen, Windrush Day holds a special place in her heart. In our latest blog, she shares her personal connection to Windrush Day[…]

2023 and what to expect from the world of Smart Buildings

Technology within the built environment and the smart buildings industry as a whole are evolving and changing at a rapid pace. With businesses like Vanti still dealing with issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and the global economic slowdown, it looks set to be another year of some uncertainty but with huge opportunities for[…]

Our Commitment to Diversity

As a brummie business, we’re well aware of the benefits that diversity can bring to a community. Our home city is one of our countries’ most diverse cities, with over one third of people in Birmingham identifying as non-white, a larger proportion than any other major city in the UK. Over 30 different languages are[…]

Limiting innovation and the challenges facing the Smart Building Industry

One of the most innovative and creative business minds of the 21st century, Steve Jobs, once said: “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”. Innovation is what makes the world go round. Innovative thinking is key to solving problems and to improving the lives of everyone. Creative solutions[…]

Black History Month: Celebrating our Black innovators

At Vanti we work in an incredibly fast paced and constantly changing industry where innovation is crucial to improving efficiencies, making improvements and unlocking potential. Technology is an industry which not only thrives but survives thanks to innovation. As part of Black History Month, we want to celebrate some of the best Black innovators who[…]