Facilities Show 2019 – the round up

We’re back from our biggest year yet at Facilities Show 2019 – and now we’ve had a few day’s rest, we’re ready to share our experience! Our full-scale replica smart office was a hit at the brand new Smart Buildings Expo at the ExCeL in London, with people excited to take a look at the latest in smart building integration and embark on their interactive customised journey through our build.

We had a great time demonstrating, in firsthand discussion with other industry professionals and facilities managers, our place in the future of smart buildings. We also had the chance to talk about why beginning the conversation about building technology in the design stage of a project is vital to the success of smart building integration. With over 39,000 people in the building and a 3% increase in attendance from last year’s Facilities Show, we were provided the ideal platform to showcase this.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with Facilities Show organisers Informa (formerly UBM); we also acted as Master Systems Integrators for the 2015 development of their London HQ at 240 Blackfriars. For this projected we helped to deliver an immersive, inspiring and flexible smart workplace. The results of this partnership led to a Platinum LEED rating, £1m in annual productivity savings and 50% energy savings for the office. This initial piece of work is now being further developed, and we’re confident that this upgrade work will produce even more impressive results.

Across the three days of last week’s Smart Buildings Expo, we saw over 1500 people enter and interact with our full-scale Smart build. Visitors were given the opportunity to speedily sign up to our build’s registration system, entering the expo just as they would if it were a real smart office. From here they were able to use their key card to access and interact with all of the integrated technology. Visitors could choose their own simulated access level so that they could experience the smart office through the eyes of different users, ranging from Facilities Managers to Office Visitors, demonstrating how technology can provide a personalised experience with ease.

Visitors were audibly impressed at the ease of the sign up and walk-through process, going on to see just how intelligent Vanti’s system integration is when demonstrated in a real-life scenario. The key cards allowed visitors to experience how easy integrated technology makes it to carry out tasks like accessing their own smart locker (perfect for hotdesking areas!) or booking rooms and desks.

Mike Brooman, our CEO, delivered an engaging talk in the Workplace Technology Theatre to exhibit what we do by cutting straight through the jargon.  From his talk, he discussed the fact that “more standardisation helps everyone – if building systems use the same cabling and networks, it creates a much more efficient and clean setup that allows for easier upgrades and evolution”. The future of smart buildings means less wasted time and money on projects that aren’t future-proofed for major developments in technology, and Vanti are one of the UK leaders in this school of thought.

We’ve really enjoyed working with the various suppliers taking part in the Smart Buildings Expo and designing a fully integrated experience that demonstrates just what a Master Systems Integrator can do. We’d like to acknowledge the great support and enthusiasm we received from all the suppliers, with special mentions going to LutronYour WorkspaceFSIZeeVee and Polar Audio for helping us out on the stand.

Take the 360 tour of our stand at the Facilities Show

Huge thanks also go to Informa for giving us the opportunity to deliver our largest scale project at Facilities Show to date. So, from everyone at Team Vanti, we hope to see you all again next year!

Click here to to see our full list of suppliers for the build, and to check out the kind of technology we thoughtfully integrated into our replica smart office!