As the role of workspaces and indeed our day to day lives continue to evolve in the aftermath of Covid-19 and businesses, developers and landlords seek to lower the environmental impact of their operations and built assets, Smart Buildings are expected to play a hugely important role in the future of our current and existing buildings.

The Smart Building Immersive Experience at IBE 2022 showcased a range of technologies which you could adopt in your buildings to give your visitors, tenants and residents the best smart experience possible.  

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A Visitor Management System will often be a visitor’s first port of call on arrival at your building. This system sends out an email the day before with details of how to get to the building, parking, guidelines and any other useful comms you want to include.

Destination control and wayfinding systems can also help you to get to your workspace quickly by advising which lifts to take and where your desk is located by using an access card.  ​

Office Space

As the role of the office changes and hybrid working becomes the norm, smart technology within the working environment can enhance the user experience. Visitors can use contactless check in to a desk via an app or access card, while desk power can be controlled remotely to turn off or on depending on whether the desk is occupied or not, helping save energy.

Smart lockers can also be used and allocated securely to a single user. The lockers only open and close via a unique access card for the user, creating a secure and safe place to store valuable belongings.


Smart technology in a residential setting can be used to enhance the experience, tailor a living space for specific needs and make it as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible, while offering a wow factor for future residents at the same time.

Control Room

Control Rooms act as the hub of your building, giving you full access to data as well as access control and CCTV. By utilising Smart Core, you have instant access to information about the performance of a building via the app, or if you have a campus of different buildings you can monitor them all at the touch of a button.

Meeting Space

To aid collaboration and teamwork, meeting spaces can also be booked via smart technology. Room booking panels can show which rooms are available at which times, and you can book meeting rooms in advance.

Data can also be monitored to check if people are using the right sized rooms, which rooms are underutilized, and if facilities are not being used in the correct way.

Rooms can also be adapted to the needs of the user remotely, whether is is setting temperatures or air-conditioning settings, automatically powering down or up or dimming lights for certain settings.

Building Operations

There are several pieces of smart software which can provide useful tools for the ongoing management of your buildings.

As well as providing a desk booking system for users, Kahu can also help FMs to monitor occupancy levels, manage users, disable and enable desk bookings and create neighbourhoods to make certain areas of desks bookable to individual teams.

DIALS also helps you to monitor equipment within a building, providing a full list of equipment and a floorplan of a building making it easy to find and identify individual pieces of technology.

Kahu is a suite of smart technology products that will help you create a flexible, modern workplace.

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The building operating system that removes all the complexity of your building’s integration requirements and delivers your occupiers the modern workplace they expect.

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