A quick update on our work with Digital Innovators

Vanti have partnered up with Digital Innovators to work on market research for Vanti’s Kahu, a technology solution designed to support a flexible modern workplace. 

We’re now halfway through the project so we wanted to let you know how it’s going! 

But first, a quick recap 

Digital Innovators are based in Solihull. They support young people with new skills and experiences that help them stand out when entering the job market. Part of their work sees their students partner with an employer on a real-life business problem. 

Vanti proposed that the team over at Digital Innovators take on the challenge of performing market research for Vanti’s Kahu. Over the course of the 8 weeks they will dive deep into the world of smart workplaces, before writing an extensive report and presenting back to team Vanti. 

This is a truly exciting opportunity for the students to fulfil a challenging business problem for. 

So, how’s it gone so far? 

We’ve loved working with Digital Innovators

So far, the students have looked far and wide at as many products as possible, before reporting back with top level information. 

We’ve now chosen which products to focus our attention on and the team are starting to think of ways to creatively visualise their findings so that it is easy to see all of the information. 

We have been super impressed with the depth and breadth of research they’ve undertaken, as well as the speed in which they’ve picked up an understanding of the market. 

The team have even taken on making suggestions to how to develop and market the product. 

What’s coming up next 

The next few weeks will see the students getting stuck into the details of a select few products, as well as deciding how to format the final report, before finally prepping to present back to team Vanti. 

The team have come up with some innovative and exciting ideas so far and we can’t wait to see what’s happening next.