COVID-19: Keep calm and carry on

We’re a pretty positive bunch at Vanti, and always try to see the best in the world. However, with the current uncertain and troubling times, it’s been a bit more difficult to seek out all the good going on out there. 

In this post, we just wanted to share some of the things that are keeping us smiling from ear to ear.

Positive news stories from around the world

In an emotional tribute to the NHS, people across the UK took part in an enormous round of the applause that was heard in all the major cities as well as tiny villages. For more inspiring pictures of this amazing show of support, head to the BBC website

As of 23rd March, the lockdown conditions ease in Wuhan, as life begins to return to normal. For more information, head to The Guardian

In the UK, more than 200 mutual aid groups have sprung up so that communities can help each other out in times of need. For the full story, head to Positive News

In France, where the country is on an extremely strict lockdown, Elisha Nochomovitz ran a full marathon doing laps of his 7 metre balcony. Who needs the outdoors or gyms to stay fit anyway? Checkout the full story on The Guardian.   

The Coronavirus cookbook 

Probably not two words you want to see in same sentence! However, eating and preparing delicious food is an extremely wholesome activity that is sure to have you feeling better! 

Not Another Cooking Show has become our favourite cooking channel on YouTube.  There’s a ton of amazing, authentic, inexpensive, and simple Italian recipes. It’s also really well shot/edited for relaxing watching.   

Staying healthy

Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, is posting PE inspired fitness videos aimed at keeping children fit. There’s also plenty of other workouts for adults. Head over to YouTube for more info.   

Things to watch 

Stuck scrolling through Netflix?   

Forbes have collected a list of binge-worthy and comforting TV shows to watch whilst in isolation! For more details, head to their website.  

These are just some of the things we’re doing to keep calm and collected during these uncertain times. Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments.