Meet Ben, part of the Vanti Dev Team

Vanti’s Dev Team work on truly unique projects in a truly unique fashion. 

They certainly don’t spend their whole working days coding! You can often find them busy on-site working with the Engineering Team and the Design Team commissioning kit or showing clients how the work they do enables systems to work in harmony in order to benefit occupants of the space. It’s a role with a real blend of physical and digital work, something you won’t find at other businesses. 

We managed to catch-up with Ben Jacobs, a Developer at Vanti, to find out about the weird and wonderful world of software development at Vanti. 

Hey Ben! Before we talk programming, tell us a little about yourself! 

Hey there! I’m Ben, outside of Vanti I am super passionate about steam trains. I’ve been a member of a model train society and also love driving sit-on miniature trains. 

Generally, I just love making things. I’m really proud of the media unit I built for the lounge, it fills the whole wall with the TV mounted in the centre! 

What was your journey into becoming a developer? 

I’ve always loved maths and physics but decided to pursue physics because of how tangible and applicable to real life it is. Passion for coding came after completing a little project calculating rocket trajectories. 

I explored all sorts of jobs after uni, but when Vanti came along it felt like a really good fit because the role combines hardware and software. Everything I do on my laptop can be seen working in real life. 

The work we do at Vanti is all about making things that people use, stuff that makes a real difference and that’s why I love it so much. 

What are some defining career moments for you both before and during Vanti? 

I haven’t had much of a career before Vanti to be honest! I did a year internship at a Christian charity called The Navigators where I ran events and supported students in their faith. This is where I met Team Vanti member Aimee Salt who pointed me in the direction of joining Vanti because they needed software devs. 

BCU was a real highlight for me, it was the first big Crestron project I completed almost single handedly. It is such an interesting and cool space, and hearing orchestras and bands perform is simply astonishing. The audio experience is phenomenal and I’m so proud to have worked on it. 

What is unique about working at Vanti? 

It’s the variety! We work with such a wide range of technology, there’s always something new to learn.  

We’ve got the Petalite electric flying vehicle project which is really exciting, and Smart Core is getting a lot of development love at the moment. 

We’re working to control physical things, be that a door, a gate, a projector screen. It’s really gratifying seeing something move! 

What do you love about working at Vanti? 

I’m working with my friends, we collaborate really well, we respect each other, we each have different experience and different views and we can combine that into being a great team. We really enjoy our time with each other. 

The Dev Team isn’t siloed, we get to work with Design and Engineering and onsite too! An aspect of my job I particularly enjoy is going to site and showing the client what we’ve achieved and how it will benefit them. 

Do you like the sound of working with our wonderful team of Developers? Get in touch!