Meet the new Vanti website

Regular visitors to may have noticed that we’ve had a bit of a refresh! This is a bit more than a simple facelift though, as there’s a lot that’s been going on behind the scenes that we’re now ready to share with you…

New brand, new message

As well as some snazzy new fonts, delightful illustrations and a rejuvenated colour palette (give yourself a pat on the back if you clocked that whilst the Vanti logo appears the same, it’s a slightly different shade of orange), we’ve also spent a considerable amount of time over the past year thinking about what we do and why we do it. Our ultimate goal has been to better explain the complex nature of our role so anyone visiting our website can wrap their head around the value we offer; once we worked that out, we realised the layout and content of the old website didn’t quite cut the mustard anymore.

Our history has been pretty varied – we’ve always been a technology company, but our service offering has changed and evolved in response to client demands and what’s sparked the most excitement in us. As as a result, we’ve gone from a business that specialises in AV and IT, to a Main Technology Contractor and Master Systems Integrator with a focus on creating exceptional user experiences within the built environment.

The new website has been designed to make our core purpose clearer, and to let visitors know exactly how we can help them – whether that’s an investor or developer looking to use technology to improve their latest project, a tenant wondering how a fully integrated system in their new building or existing space can support their team, or a bright spark interested in finding out what Vanti Life is really like.

Please look around, have a play, and if you’ve got feedback on the new site (or, heaven forbid, you’ve found a bug), we’d love to hear from you! Just get in touch and send us your thoughts.

– Team Vanti