Reflecting on National Careers Week 2021

We’re extremely proud of our Brummie roots. The city, and its people, have provided us with endless opportunities and projects. 

We’ve been so fortunate to work on iconic spaces in the city including the BCU Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the Library of Birmingham

So, when an opportunity to give back to the local community presents itself, we seize it with both hands. The first week in March 2021 was National Careers Week, and this seemed like the perfect chance. 

What is National Careers Week? 

National Careers Week is a date in the calendar in which young people across the UK work with their school, or external organisations, to get an insight into the world of work and higher education. 

National Careers Week provide high quality resources that are free for schools to use and they also support local businesses that want to engage with students. 

What did we do for National Careers Week? 

Alisha Cohen, People & Culture Champion, and myself, James Garrington, Marketing Coordinator, teamed up with Ark St Albans and City Academy, two schools that are local to Vanti. 

Together we wanted to support the students in their future careers by giving presentations on how to prepare for interviews, what it’s like to work in tech, as well as an introduction to Vanti. 

We also addressed the difficulties of securing a role. There can be many competing applications and entry requirements can be high. Alisha and I were determined to help the students as much as possible. We looked at how to stand out from the crowd when seeking a new job, how to leverage experience in an interview, as well as the many different routes into a career in tech. 

Ultimately, our main goal was to spread awareness of the fantastic opportunities that a career in tech can provide. 

It was amazing to see so many students attending and engaging with the material presented. There were loads of fantastic conversations with lots of interesting questions. 

Would we do it again? 

Absolutely! It was a bit nerve racking, especially for me as I’m working hard to improve my public speaking, but it was also an incredibly rewarding experience.  

Repeat sessions are already in the pipeline! 

‘Many thanks to you both. That was insightful and extremely useful information that will help the students that were present in making an informed decision for their future. The interview techniques session was superb, and it will be helpful to the students when they do have an interview. Hopefully, we will have some or all of them apply to the organisation in the future. It would also be great if we could visit you when we are allowed.’ Charlene Steele Assistant Head of Sixth Form/Careers Lead at Ark St Alban’s Academy 

“Giving back to the local community is something I’m passionate about, especially helping shape the future of young people. If by giving back I can inspire and encourage just one young person’s career, that’s a job well done.” – Alisha Cohen, People and Culture Champion