Sharan completes course to further knowledge of the smart industry

Both the technology and property industries are incredibly fast-paced, complex and continuously evolving and because of this we’re always encouraging our team to invest in their own learning and personal development.

It’s why we were delighted to see Sharan Kaur complete the Nexus Foundations Course on smart buildings, which is run by Nexus Labs, an organisation which provides unbiased, in-depth content in the form of newsletters, podcasts and much more on the smart buildings industry.

The six week course included work centred around key topics including stakeholders, ideation, assessments, research, the business case and career foundations, and involved pre-learning work before each module, weekly zoom calls to discuss each topic and discussions with other cohort members. A number of subject matter expert workshops were also organised where experts relating to the modules ran sessions with more detailed and focused learning.

Sharan joined Vanti as a graduate in January after taking part in a market research project as part of the Digital Innovators scheme.

She said the course has given her a solid foundation of knowledge which she will now be able to use in her day to day work.

Sharan said: “As someone who is quite new to the industry, I wanted to take this course to further my knowledge of smart building technology. It is an industry which I find really interesting and having this extra knowledge will now help me play a more active role in it.

“The course has been enjoyable and there were lots of people with different levels of experience and working in varied roles, which was great for me to be able to pick their brains and get more information and understanding from them. In terms of knowledge I understand the key terms and acronyms much better and the deep dive workshops and resources which we were provided with have given me the inspiration to continue my learning even after the course has completed.”

Sharan said she’d recommend the course to anybody who was working in the industry.

She continued: “The course has been really helpful for me and I’d recommend it to anybody who wanted to further their knowledge of the industry, whether you are experienced or just starting out. It’s given me an appetite to build on the lessons I have learned and apply it in my every day work.”

Founder of Nexus Labs, James Dice, said it was great to see Sharan completing the course.

He said: “We’re thrilled to hear that Sharan not only enjoyed the course but found it beneficial to her career. It’s an industry which is fast moving and can be extremely complex, especially for people just beginning their careers, and the whole aim of the course is the give people the basic knowledge and understanding to help them advance.

“Sharan was part of our third cohort of learners and its been a great success so far. We’re looking forward to starting a new course in Spring 2022 and hope we can find more success stories like Sharan in the future.”

For more information about the Nexus Foundations Course, or to register your interest in enrolling in the course, go to: