Showing off the best of Smart Tech at IBE

As a master systems integrator, Vanti is already well versed in the importance of smart buildings and the role they will play in the future of our built environment.  

The role of the office has never been more debated. The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes to review their workplace strategies and think about what their spaces need to offer to engage their workforce, encourage collaboration and new thinking, offer a space conducive to good health and wellbeing and provide a platform for successful business.

Our role is not just to integrate technology into buildings to make them Smart, but also to educate our fellow professionals on how best to integrate your systems to provide the best experience for those who use your buildings every day.  

It’s why we were once again thankful to Informa for the opportunity to educate and interact with fellow property professionals as part of Intelligent Buildings Europe 2022 at the Excel Arena in London. A few weeks back, we were tasked with curating and presenting an immersive smart building experience, which mimics how a fully integrated smart office would work in the modern workplace.  

Team Vanti took visitors to the stand on a journey through the modern workplace, from signing into a virtual concierge system, and then using allocated key cards to experience how easy integrated technology makes it to carry out tasks like accessing their own smart locker, booking rooms, and meeting spaces and finding their way to their desks.

The stand was greatly received, with guests commenting on how much it had helped them with their vision for the future of their workspaces and how migrating towards smart buildings was becoming increasingly important, not only to provide the most effective spaces in post-covid working models but also with meeting vital sustainability targets.

The stand was also underpinned by Smart Core, which processed and presented real time data on measurables such as occupancy levels, CO2 levels and temperature by utilising the data from sensors placed around each section.

You can see a short video of our very own Ian Mason giving you a whistle-stop tour of what we put together below, and if you want to take a virtual tour of the space, click here.  

We’d like to thank all of our suppliers for providing the different tech to make the stand such a success, and also pay tribute to our incredible team, who worked day and night to not only create and build the stand, but then take visitors around as well.

We can’t wait to do it all again at IBE 2023!

For more information, about the stand, visit our website here.