Smart Sessions: how our team are levelling up their knowledge of smart buildings

We believe that to do our work to the highest standard, and exceed our clients’ expectations, we need to invest heavily in our team. Not just money, but time as well. 

Change within the tech industry is rapid, and our role and the way we work varies greatly. Realising this, a way in which we give back to our team is through planned learning and knowledge sharing. 

In 2021 our CEO Mike Brooman decided to start running weekly seminars about smart technology. These sessions are open to all team members, whether they’re in technical roles or not, and we record each one so anyone unable to make it can catch up later. 

This means that when you engage with a member of Team Vanti, whether they are in Marketing, Recruitment, or Engineering, they are well equipped to help and support you. 

What is Smart Sessions? 

Smart Sessions is Mike’s brainchild. It is a weekly, 90-minute seminar in which a member of the team presents a range of topics from the world of smart buildings. 

They’re designed to be interactive, with much of the time being used for discussion in breakout rooms, as opposed to a lecture. This allows for people across the business to input their specific experience and learnings, there’s so many individuals within Vanti that have a plethora of interesting knowledge.

How’s it gone so far? 

So far we’ve covered all the different types of technology that go into a building and how they benefit the space’s occupants, save stakeholders money, as well as generate energy and spatial efficiencies.  

We’ve also taken an in-depth look at the benefits of systems integration versus a spaghettiware approach, as well as all the different types of projects Vanti work on. 

We’ve explored all the different users within a building and how they interact and benefit from different types of technology and systems as well as the different personas that invest in smart buildings.

We’ve discussed Smart Core, how it works, its usage cases, and how it benefits users, and we’ve discussed implementation across a range of sectors.

Given that many of Team Vanti are extremely busy working to hard deadlines either onsite or at home, the level of engagement has been fantastic. There’s been some incredibly insightful discussions that show just how passionate the team are about learning, the industry, and the work we do. 

What does Smart Sessions look like in the future? 

Now that the core ideas and theory have been covered, we’re starting to explore more audience participation. Team members other than Mike have started to lead the sessions and branch out into discussing their specific expertise, or get input on problem they’re working on. We have so many experienced people at Vanti that this is an amazing opportunity for them to share! 

As previously mentioned, the Smart Sessions have also been recorded and shared by the Marketing team. This backlog of content will be absolutely invaluable for onboarding new people into Vanti, helping them get quickly up to speed with our innovative and exciting work. 

Like the sound of working with a company that invests so heavily in its team? Get in touch!