Vanti and Petalite receive funding from UK Research and Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Vanti. Whether it’s designing, deploying, or supporting smart buildings or our progressive approach to workplace culture. We’re constantly evolving and learning. 

Kicking off 2021 in a big way, we’re thrilled to announce that Vanti and Petalite have received funding from UK Research and Innovation for Retroflight-Alpha. This collaborative project will accelerate progress towards achieving vertical takeoff and landing for electric flying vehicles in high-density urban areas by creating a more efficient charging process. 

What is Retroflight-Alpha? 

Retroflight-Alpha aims to develop the physical and digital infrastructure to support future flight objectives for electric vertical take-off and landing in high density urban environments. 

Petalite have contributed their extremely reliable 600kW charging technology which utilises their 3-Phase SDC patent and Vanti will provide their smart building operating system (Smart Core). Combining the two makes potentially unviable landing sites for flying vehicles now possible with a more efficient charging process. 

This is crucial because existing charging technologies are expensive to buy, install, and have short operating lives. Making for a business case that is difficult to justify. 

The benefits of Retroflight-Alpha include reduced costs and hardware reliability issues as well as monitoring opportunities that eliminate the risk of electrical overload. The modular design of the charger and open-source nature of Smart Core enables rapid growth and unlimited scalability to meet growing market needs. 

The team over at Petalite

The importance of Retroflight-Alpha 

Existing electric vehicle chargers are extremely complex. This makes them expensive to buy and install. Moreover, they are made up of a significant number of parts which increases the possibility of faults, hence reducing their lifespan. Therefore, they are difficult to justify without government subsidies, and return on investment is poor.  

Rectifying this problem is Petalite’s patent pending charging platform, 3-Phase SDC, which is a vehicle charger with 50% fewer components, 10x higher reliability, and 4x longer operating lifetime compared to existing topologies.  

Vanti’s Smart Core facilitates rapid integration of building systems using their native language, which then allows for data extraction and higher-level systems control with user-facing applications. Its specific application here will be to manage peak energy consumption and minimise impact on existing electrical infrastructure. 

The partnership between Petalite and Vanti will revolutionise the physical and digital infrastructure required for future flight objectives by creating efficiencies both in terms of the hardware required for charging as well as the software needed to monitor and analyse charging performance. Furthermore, the modular design of 3-Phase SDC and the open-source nature of Smart Core means that as demand grows, both hardware and software can be effortlessly rolled out to significantly increase and facilitate the charging network. 

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for all parties involved. Keep an eye on our blog for progress updates.