Vanti have partnered with Digital Innovators

In October 2020, we partnered with Digital Innovators who agreed to carry out vital research for Vanti’s Kahu, a suite of smart technology products designed to support a flexible modern workplace.  

We absolutely loved working with Digital Innovators and wanted to talk a bit more about the project, and how we both had an incredibly positive experience. 

First, a bit of context

Kahu is a collection of smart technology products we’re developing to help our clients create a flexible, productive, and efficient workplace. People within Vanti had been trying to work on market research for ages! 

However, market research is an enormous and extremely important task, especially when trying to make it exhaustive enough to cover all bases. Unfortunately (or fortunately we should say) with project and client work heating up we didn’t have the capacity to complete this task to the standard it demands.   

This is where Digital Innovators came in.

Who are Digital Innovators and what do they do? 

Digital Innovators, based in Solihull, work to help young people by increasing skills, confidence, and experience as well as supporting employers to meet current and future business requirements.   

By partnering with Solihull College & University CentreWest Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)Solihull Chamber of CommerceThe Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEPThe Skills Builder Partnership, and Career-FitDigital Innovators deliver training and skills that employers need.

For more information on the nature of the individual partnerships, head to the Digital Innovators website.  

Part of their work sees their students support an employer with a real-life business problem. Providing vital workplace experience that really helps to make them stand out when starting their careers. 

So what did they do for Vanti? 

The students at Digital Innovators took on our market research problem. 

The eight-week project saw them throw the net far and wide to capture as much information as possible, before feeding back and working collaboratively with us to establish where to focus their efforts.  

At the halfway point, once we had established which products to dive into, the students started writing their findings into a report. They also designed a spreadsheet for quick referencing.  

People within Vanti have varying requirements from this research. Some will use it to make decisions regarding where to focus developing the product, some will simply be using it to get more comfortable speaking about it to new hires. So it was amazing to see how the team at Digital Innovators took this into account when producing materials that would be useful for everyone. 

In the final week, they presented high-level findings to members of Team Vanti. 

How did this impact both Vanti and the Digital Innovators students?  

The students’ final report will be incredibly important for Vanti. As we start rolling Kahu out to more and more clients, having in-depth research will be vital when pitching and selling, deciding price points, as well as choosing areas to develop into.  

For the students, this was an amazing opportunity to influence the development of a product that will be used in cutting-edge smart buildings in major cities. But also, it was an exercise in project management, communication, and presenting to humans who like to engage with information in a variety of different ways.