Vanti joins UKGBC to show commitment to driving sustainability

At Vanti, we’re committed to making sure the buildings we work on are as sustainable, energy efficient and friendly to the environment as possible. 

As Master Systems Integrators we’re frequently tasked with coming up with often creative and sometimes radical solutions using technology to create processes which ensure buildings new and old are as green as can be.

We also take great pride in trying to reduce the effect our own operations have on the planet and are constantly looking at new ways to minimise our environmental impact.

To continue our commitment to improve the sustainability of the built environment, we’re thrilled to have joined like-minded businesses by becoming members of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), a collective of over 500 organisations spanning the building industry using sustainability to transform the way people use buildings every day.  

By joining the UKGBC, we’re looking forward to learning from businesses and organisations operating within the property sphere which share the same values as us about their experiences in reducing environmental impact.

Through these new learnings we’ll be identifying and implementing new processes and ways of working at Vanti as we continuously strive to reduce our environmental footprint – something which as a collective we constantly evaluate and feel we can never be truly satisfied with.

The impact of climate change is clear for everybody to see, whether it’s the unseasonable and extreme bouts of weather which we are experiencing on our doorstep, or reports from international organisations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warning of vastly increased temperatures and rapidly rising sea levels.

With this in mind, we feel that it is our responsibility to do whatever we can as quickly as we can to reduce our impact on the planet, and working with the UKGBC and our fellow members will undoubtedly be of huge benefit to our team, partners and clients.