Vanti’s strengths

In the last post, I introduced you to the culture work that we’re doing and the framework that is guiding us.

Before I get into our challenges (and I really do – in three pretty long posts!), I thought it would be good to talk about our strengths. As a relative outsider, I feel like I can brag without being weird.

We have a lot of strengths.

Vanti values are not empty fluff

I’ve sat down with most of Team Vanti and, more recently, with each new starter. The thing that stands out incredibly clearly is how much everyone lives the Vanti Values of Mastery, Integrity, Discovery, Fun and Care. I’ve started to recognise this slightly incredulous look people get on their face when they say, ‘You know, people really live this stuff’. In fact, a partner organisation recently said it was so unusual that a company had done all this hard work – that the values aren’t ‘painted on’ but are a huge part of the way we operate both with clients and each other.

I mean, there are bespoke emojis on Slack for each value, and people use them. Unironically. Sounds cheesy, but it’s actually pretty incredible. The story of how we came to those values is pretty interesting – we’ve got plans to share it with you soon.

Vanti are really innovating when it comes to digital experiences in the built environment

Vanti are doing things that literally no one else is doing in this arena. There are a few companies with good slide decks, but we’ve got the case studies and the clients.

Vanti have an unusually multi-disciplinary team

We’re really quite extraordinary in this respect. The number of organisations who have IT, AV, Systems Integration, and Construction experience is vanishingly small.

Vanti have great people

I mean, Vanti are great at hiring. We hire caring, smart, interesting, hardworking, self-starting, open-minded, flexible people.

Vanti have big ambitions to change the world

We really want our work to do good in the world, and we want our workplace to be a shining light. Technology comes and goes, but the Vanti way remains.

Vanti are up for being better

I mean, it’s no small thing to pay someone to come in (this-guy thumbs) and help long-term with culture stuff, not to mention initiating and participating so easily and enthusiastically with initiatives. This company is going places.

So those are our main strengths.

I could expand on them, so that this series seems more balanced, but you get the idea. We’re a rapidly-growing, seriously ambitious, super-experienced, warm, friendly company that cares deeply about the world, society, culture and each other.

In the next post, I begin to look at our challenges, so you can clearly see our starting point.