Vantige Point – Maddie Smith

In the latest of our Vantige Point series, we talk to an integral part of our Service Team, Maddie Smith, who sits at the heart of troubleshooting problems for our huge range of clients. We explore what she loves about her role, why she loves working at Vanti and what makes Team Vanti’s culture unlike anywhere she’s worked before.  

Hi I’m Maddie and I’ve loved being part of Vanti’s service department ever since I joined the Team Vanti in March 2019.

My day-to-day life in the service team brings with it new challenges and opportunities to learn every single day. My responsibilities are incredibly varied which keeps me on my toes. One day I could be on site catching up with clients and partners, helping plan our resources so we can carry out site visits or works, working on the future strategy of the service department and Vanti as a whole or working with the rest of our teams to deliver the best solution for the challenges we face every day.

It’s a lot of work and it can be really hectic but it’s certainly relit my fire for IT and the technology world. Before I joined Vanti I had worked in similar positions but had experienced a bit of burnout, and embarked on a new career path as an operations co-ordinator. But the variety of different projects we get to work on and the space for future development really stood out as factors which made IT and tech roles at Vanti unique.

With this role, we’re doing so much more than the usual sort of stuff people who work in IT would have to deal with and it’s incredibly exciting to be working in a growing space. Smart Buildings and all of the related emerging technologies around it are extremely complex, so we’re always having to think outside the box, be innovative and creative and have a curious mindset and a fear of the unknown when diagnosing issues and trying new methods to work out the best way to fix them.

It really scratches the itch for people who want to use the knowledge they already have in new ways and pick up new skills along the way.   

While the work is always varied and interesting, Vanti’s culture is something which really intrigued me when I first applied for the job and has been at the forefront of why I love it here so much ever since I joined. I know “company culture” can be a bit of a phrase which doesn’t really mean much, but at Vanti there really is a sense of belonging and a care and support for each other that I haven’t experienced anywhere else in my career.

The service team are a genuinely lovely bunch who act as a mini family. Due to the nature of the work we do and the range of expertise and experience we require we get a wide range of personalities and we all get on brilliantly. We preach about not being afraid of making mistakes because we know the team will be there to pick you up.

The same can be said for Vanti as a whole as well. The support was evident to me as soon as I stepped through the front door. As an openly gay woman, I felt comfortable enough to be open and honest about my sexuality with my colleagues on my first day, which was the first time I had felt able to do that in my career. It really made me feel comfortable from the get-go, and ever since I’ve been able to bring my full self to work knowing that I’ll be working in a judgement-free environment.

Ever since that first day, I’ve made friendships which will last a lifetime. If anyone is looking for a new challenge and wants to really push themselves to develop their skills, Vanti is the place for you.