We’re Real Living Wage accredited!

We were already paying everyone at Vanti the Real Living Wage. However, we’ve now decided to become accredited for this. 

Read more to understand why! 

People are our most important asset, and we invest heavily in supporting and looking after everyone and their wellbeing. All Vanti people are paid at least the Real Living Wage. Moving forward, we also want to ensure that any external companies we work with are on the same page. We believe this is morally the right thing to do.  

What is the Real Living Wage? 

The UK Government sets a minimum wage that must be paid to all employees by law. As of March 2021, for people aged 21 and over this is £8.20 an hour and for those aged 25 and over this is £8.72 an hour.  

However, this wage is not calculated according to what employees and their families need to live.  

The Real Living Wage is calculated according to what people actually need to support themselves and their families. It is £9.50 an hour across the UK and £10.85 per hour in London.  

Why do we pay the Real Living Wage? 

A core component of the Vanti ethos is about striving to do our best for our clients and the right thing for our people.   

That alone means that paying any of our people the bare minimum based on Government guidelines is something we’d never do. We want to look after our people and ensure that they are able to live comfortably.  

We know that finances can be stressful, and we believe that paying the real living wage helps to ease any money related anxieties. Our long-term plan includes building and implementing a financial wellbeing policy, becoming real living wage accredited is part of that journey. 

Why are we becoming accredited for this? 

It’s important to clarify that nothing has changed for Vanti, and nothing will. We’ve already met the guidelines to be a real living wage employer.   

However, being recognised as a real living wage employer has a few benefits.  

We believe in transparency, so people looking at our site will see the accreditation and get a sense of our values.  

We always talk about caring for our people. Being an accredited real living wage employer is proof of our hard work.  

Will anything change moving forward? 

As we’ve said previously, we’ve already met the guidelines to be a real living wage employer. So, nothing is changing.  

However, we are currently going through the process to check that all our suppliers, and any other external people we work with, are paying their people the real living wage. This formalised process will ensure that in future we will be able to work with companies that fit with our values more closely.  

Further information 

To learn more about the other organisations that are real living wage accredited check out the Real Living Wage map.  

To read stories from families about how they’ve benefitted from the living wage, head over to the Real Living Wage website