Your data’s safe in our hands

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or swore off email several months ago, it’s likely that you’ll have received more than a couple of emails around data and privacy recently. As you may have gathered, this is due to GDPR – an EU-wide change in regulation that enters into force on 25th May in order to give citizens more control over their personal data in the digital age. 

This isn’t one of those emails. For a start, it’s a blog post. Vanti don’t actually need to send out mass emails asking people to confirm they’re happy to continue receiving our marketing materials, because we don’t currently have a marketing mailing list. However, don’t think that means we haven’t been busy behind the scenes ensuring we’re GDPR compliant!

Here are some things that we’ve been working on:

  • Revised terms and conditions for our clients and partners
  • A shiny new privacy policy for our websites (which you can find here)
  • Emails to previous recruitment candidates to see if they’d still like to hear from us
  • A Data Governance Plan to help us build clear processes for data handling

Being completely transparent, there’s still quite a lot of work we want to do around how we handle, process, and store data; this is something we’re trying to involve the whole team in, as we all have a role to play, and we want to ensure our processes are sustainable and can evolve as we do. Not all of these ongoing tasks directly relate to GDPR compliance, but address areas where we feel we need more clarity in line with our Values

  • We’re undertaking a data audit to work out exactly what data we collect, and how this is processed and stored
  • We’re working on how we can ensure all Vanti team members understand GDPR, and their responsibilities as individuals
  • We’ll be using the above to help us develop a data policy that helps us comply with GDPR in a Vanti way, staying true to our Values and company culture

Our aim is not to see GDPR as a regulatory pain, but as an opportunity for us to re-evaluate how we’re handling data and make sure we’re treating it with the care it deserves.

The future

Anyone who keeps up with Vanti will no doubt know that we’re always busy working on exciting projects for a huge variety of clients, striving to make buildings and workspaces truly productive and enjoyable places to be.

However, even though we think we’ve got some really interesting insights to share about the role of tech in the built environment, we know we don’t do the best job of talking about this at the moment. This is something that we are currently working on, as we feel that our role as a Master Systems Integrator puts us in a unique position to identify problems and opportunities within the industries in which we operate. We’d love to start some interesting discussions with our clients, peers, and anyone that shares -or contests- our vision, so we’re putting together a strategy that will help us to achieve this.

It may be that we’ll start our own regular newsletter, or perhaps we’ll simply share content whenever we feel it’s of interest to people – but if you’d potentially welcome the idea of some Vanti insights dropping into your inbox, please fill in your details below and we’ll keep you informed. And yes, we do appreciate the irony of a post about not having a mailing list then asking you to sign up for one!

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