Our story

Vanti’s beginnings were pretty humble, with our founder Raj cycling around London with a rucksack full of wires, drill bits and audio-visual equipment. We’ve come a long way since the early days but some things have stayed the same – like our down-to-earth, easy going nature and passion for doing things with the goal of providing a great experience.

Within construction and refurbishment projects, we usually take the role of Main Technology Contractor or Master Systems Integrator, making different hardware and software required within the space work together in order to create a complete system that helps the building function as efficiently and effectively as possible for its users.

What makes us special?

No cookie cutters here

Even when the job is relatively simple, it’s our approach that sets us apart from the competition. We aim to provide the best experience possible and exceed expectations in everything we do, so everyone we work with feels that we’ve delivered a personal, tailored service that solves their problems.

People first, every time

Our approach is focused around understanding our clients’ goals and asking “what do people need to do in this space?” rather than installing dated tech just because it’s been considered the standard for decades or implementing the latest devices and gadgets purely for the sake of it.

We can do anything

Our service ranges from benchmarking and design through to engineering, programming and commissioning, and we really can do anything with technology – from installing cinema rooms and meeting spaces to masterminding and delivering all the technology present in a building.

Vanti Values

We’ve worked hard to define our five core values, and use these to guide everything we do. Mastery, Integrity, Discovery, Fun and Care are vital to us as a company, and inform the way we approach tasks and how we hire – if someone isn’t onboard with these, it’s unlikely that Vanti is the place for them.

Want to find out exactly what we do?

Whether it’s a project still in the planning stages or a space that’s existed for decades, we’re pretty proud of our ability to work wonders with technology within buildings.

Meet team Vanti

Here’s what a few of our team think of Vanti Life…

Ria Blagburn

Joined Vanti in 2018

“Having started my own company in 2016, I swore that I’d never work for anyone again, but after working closely with Vanti for a few months I was absolutely won over by the care and integrity with which they treat each and every team member. It felt like a family I wanted to join, and I was lucky enough that they took a risk on me by hiring me in a role for which I had no experience on paper – they saw in me the skills needed to do the job, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.”

Ben Jacobs

Joined Vanti in 2015

“While it can be challenging at times to switch between different contexts, I enjoy the variety of areas I get to be involved in at Vanti. For me this includes evaluating tech, talking with clients about their user experience, and writing software that helps them achieve their goals. We work with a lot of different clients on a wide range of projects, and are completely technology agnostic, so I particularly enjoy the discovery aspect of trying new tech.”

Majid Abdalla

Joined Vanti in 2017

“Vanti has a very open culture and allows you to be yourself. Being part of the service team, I help ensure any issues are resolved and maintain a good relationship with clients. I enjoy not being shoeboxed and the variety that comes with my role which can sometimes be a disadvantage. I enjoy learning about new tech and discovering new things. I have found it very easy to speak to colleagues to see why things are done a certain way and suggest alternatives.”

Jeanette Revill

Joined Vanti in 2013

“I class myself as the mum of our team as I am a lot older than everyone else, and I love it; I see how passionate everyone who works at Vanti is and I have a great admiration for what we achieve given we are such a small company. Vanti exceed client expectations by listening, understanding, and being smart people. Some of our team just blow my mind with what they know about technology! Let’s face it, this company is the future so why wouldn’t I want to be part of it?”


We're proud to work with some partners who share our commitment to providing exceptional experiences through the intelligent use of technology.

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Our projects

Vanti have worked on a huge range of projects for a wide variety of organisations. Here are just a few of the clients we’ve helped to get the most out of their spaces by using innovative technology and a forward-thinking approach.