What does Vanti do?

In this post we’ll introduce ourselves, talk about who we are, why our work is so important, how we run our projects, and a few examples of what we’ve done previously. 

In short, we believe commercial real estate can be better. Through exceptional technology-based user experiences, buildings can support occupants more, significantly benefitting people within the space on a personal level, and driving the business as a whole towards long-term growth. 

Let’s get stuck into the details! 

Who are Vanti?  

We’re integrated technology specialists with a passion for improvement and innovation. Our naturally caring quality means that we want to help and support people.  

We noticed a serious problem within commercial real estate: the truly smart building, campus or workplace was not being fully realised.  

The fragmented relationships and understanding between investors, landlords, operators, and tenants meant that ambitious visions for smart building projects became lost, slipping through the cracks. 

Sadly, the impact of this has been substantial. Finished spaces were difficult to use, not efficient enough, and quickly became obsolete. Under-delivering and budget bursting was a common theme. 

It’s vital we get this right because the built environment accounts for 40% of global CO2 emissions.  

We became the glue for these sorts of projects, aligning stakeholders around the vision to create smart, energy and spatially efficient environments where people want to work, play, and learn. 

How do we bring these projects to life? 

We deliver successful smart building projects through a unique, experience-led, end-to-end service that navigates common pitfalls. 

Our multi-disciplinary team work from conception and consultation, through to design, physical deployment, and beyond, with our in-house Service team on hand to support clients through proactive maintenance and optimisation. 

At our HQ in central Birmingham, we have a warehouse, workshop, and bespoke lab which are vital for collaborating as a team and testing new products. 

We are a people-focused organisation, and our passionate teams articulate ideas in a transparent language that stakeholders can understand regardless of their technical skill level. 

Our approach is agnostic. We’ll use any tech or software as long as it meets our high standards in terms of quality, security, and end-user experience. However, we will never make decisions based around what’s trendy or popular; instead we focus on exactly what is required for a given situation. 

What have we done? 

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with amazing clients on truly cutting-edge projects

Informa (UBM), 240 Blackfriars  

This is London’s smartest building. People using the space are happier, more comfortable, and more productive. The technology we deployed boosted productivity, generated energy efficiencies, and spatial efficiencies.  

This will support Informa in achieving long-term business growth. 

The result was ‘50% energy saving vs typical floors, £1.5m/year productivity savings, 85% desk utilisation*, LEED Platinum certification.’ Stephen Vause Head of Facilities Management. 

For more information, head to our case study.  

*typically, desk occupancy is between 25-45%. 

To see some of our other truly amazing projects head to the case study section of our website