What makes Vanti special?

Our post ‘What does Vanti do?’ discussed our beliefs, the problems with our industry, and how we are perfectly positioned to solve them. We are a truly unique organisation, totally different from the rest of the pack.  

In this post we’ll examine those aspects. 

A brief recap 

We are caring, passionate innovators operating within the built environment. Buildings account for 40% of global CO2 emissions, and due to a scarcity of technical understanding within the industry, smart real estate projects were under delivering on energy efficiencies, as well as having difficult to use and expensive obsolete technology. 

This wasn’t good enough, and we wanted to take on this challenge. 

We work to align and educate stakeholders to create smart, energy and spatially efficient environments where people want to work, play, and learn. 

So, what really makes Vanti so special? 

We develop people-focused solutions 

Aligning and educating stakeholders is crucial to ensure successful end to-end delivery of a smart real estate project. It starts with understanding what people need from their space and helping them learn about the technology they need.  

Our easy-going and down-to-earth attitude helps forge strong professional relationships that support this process. 

Our culture 

Smart real estate projects are complex, challenging, and a significant investment. 

Working with us means partnering with an organisation that is committed to becoming truly equitable. We try to support our team with an environment that allows them to excel. 

The team is full of caring, motivated, and passionate individuals meaning that we will deliver, even when the circumstances are difficult.

Our team 

Exceeding expectations and always pushing for more is a core value for us. 

We have an incredibly strong team of multi-talented, multi-disciplined individuals, all of whom truly care about solving difficult problems and delivering high-quality solutions that make a real difference to the way people work, play, and learn within buildings. 

As well as our Birmingham-based team, we have colleagues located around the country, and we’re always happy to travel to work on innovative projects. 

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We have a tech-agnostic approach 

Our personable approach centres around understanding what people need from their space. You’ll never catch us installing industry standard tech, or the latest gadgets, purely for the sake of it. What we do revolves around finding the exact solution to fit the needs of the client. 

We deliver amazing results, every time 

No job is too ambitious or innovative. We aim to provide the best experience and exceed expectations in everything we do, to deliver a personal service that works for our clients’ needs. 

Our long-term commitment  

A new building or space is not a short-term investment and we recognise that. 

We’re in our projects for the long haul, which means work doesn’t stop once we leave site. We’ll continually test, maintain, and optimise the solution so it never stops working. We offer ongoing service agreements so we can help clients to get the most out of their technology for years to come. 

Futureproofing, flexibility, and evolution is crucial to the design of our projects and we strive to develop long-term relationships with everyone we work with. 

Our culture

We are committed to building a truly equitable organisation where all team members feel supported in their development in an environment that makes them comfortable to be themselves and to excel in their work. 

Our flexible and agile approach to working helps us to deliver even when the circumstances are difficult. 

This means that our work is delivered to an extremely high standard by a team of happy, motivated, and committed individuals. 

If we seem like the type of people you’d like to work with, please get in touch!