My first three months at Vanti: an employer that truly walks the walk

Perhaps I just haven’t been exposed to the world of work long enough to encounter the right kind of organisations for me. But I’d never come across anywhere that seemed to be as flexible, supportive, and passionate as Vanti until I had an interview to be their Marketing Coordinator. So, when I was offered the position, I was a little bit sceptical.  

How wrong I was.  

What drew me to Vanti?

The initial attraction to Vanti was their flexible and supportive culture. They offer agile working, as well a flat hierarchy structure in which teams are self-managing. For me, this opened the possibility of learning to work in a way that helped me perform at my best, as well as the opportunity to have my voice and suggestions heard. 

Secondly, was their love for Birmingham and drive to make it a better place. I’m not a Brummie, but living there since 2013 has provided me with so many amazing opportunities that I am keen to contribute towards its growth. 
My scepticism stemmed from thinking it might be a bit too good to be true. Regardless I made the leap of faith. So, after three months of working at Vanti, how am I getting on? 


At Vanti, I was trusted to use their agile working policy from day one. Working like this isn’t for everyone, and isn’t suited to all job roles, but it gives me the opportunity to have space to work on longer pieces or to work from a place I feel most comfortable. After three months of working flexibly, I feel I’m performing better than before, as well as having the best work/life balance I’ve ever had. 

Having a (somewhat) decentraliszed hierarchy is another aspect of Vanti’s culture I really enjoy. If I have ideas, or suggestions, they are genuinely heard, and I’ve been able to implement new processes and start to take control of the Vanti brand from a marketing perspective. This is so satisfying as I feel I can claim some ownership of growing an organisation.  

I’ve benefited loads from Vanti’s supportive culture. Early 2020 saw me dealing with a few health issues alongside some anxiety when attending networking events (a key part of my role). Everyone at Vanti has been completely supportive and the help has even stretched to altering my working pattern to fit around my needs. What I liked most about the support is that it has been instant, and any problems have been resolved on the spot. 

The job itself

Working in the ‘smart’ building sector has become really exciting for me, if a little daunting at first. After attending a few different events and getting stuck into reading material, it does feel like the future for cities and because of the measurable benefits using this technology brings, it is genuinely something I can believe in and get behind. So for someone who is naturally skeptical, this is crucial! 

Being the Marketing Coordinator, attending events is my bread and butter. Although I’m still getting over my anxiety about professional events, they provide exposure to really high-level content that always stimulate new thoughts and ideas for content. These experiences fuel my interest in the sector further. 

Closing thoughts

I’d never come across anything as flexible or supportive as Vanti. Possibly never will again. True to their word, working for them has been exactly that. What I didn’t anticipate was becoming passionate and supportive of ‘smart’ technology and I’m hoping that I continue to become more and more involved with it as time goes on. 

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