The most exciting products at ISE 2020

We saw loads of amazing tech at Integrated Systems Europe. These are the products that grabbed our attention.

What is ISE 2020?

In early February of 2020, an excited group from team Vanti made their way over to RAI Amsterdam for the annual Integrated Systems Europe, the largest exhibition for AV and systems integration in the world. 

It was an incredibly busy few days with so much to see, learn about, and get involved with. Recovery may have gotten the better of us, so we’re only just getting around to sharing our thoughts on the event.  

We were thrilled to see so much amazing and innovative technology in one place that will no doubt shape the future of the industry in the years to come. 

Below we’ve listed the 5 products that really stuck out for how much impact they’ll have on future projects! 


Hypebox is a super interesting piece of tech that uses transparent touchscreen technology to allow the user to interact with digital content, using physical objects or gestures. We can see this being an excellent tool to boost collaboration in meeting rooms.

Magenta KVM

Magenta KVM is a product by tvONE that provides the user with a zero-latency interface to interact with multiple connected computers from a single station. This is a very powerful tool and we can see it being an absolute must for anyone thinking of designing a control room. 

Cool Automation

Cool Automation are the experts in Internet of Climate (IoC) solutions. They showed off a universal gateway that allows connections into heating, venting, and air conditioning systems offering access to such systems from any location as well as a method to aggregate usage data. 

Mitsubishi and Winsted

Mitsubishi teamed up with Winsted to show off their enormous LED wall tech designed specifically for control rooms. It was amazing to see such high resolution across a screen as large as the one presented at the event; this will be a must for control rooms of the future. 

After seeing all of the amazing stands at this year’s ISE, we’re really looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds.  

If you went to ISE 2020, or if something we’ve spoken about has grabbed your interest, let us know in the comments!