The road to becoming B Corp Certified

We’ve decided to document our journey to becoming B Corp Certified. But what does that mean? And why have we decided to do so?

Vanti’s goals as a business have always been twofold

  1. To create incredible, user-focused digital experiences within the built environment. Our work with technology aims to create energy and spatially efficient buildings that empowers those that use them to perform at their best. 
  2. To become a beacon employer. In many weird, wonderful and progressive ways, we carefully nurture the culture at Vanti HQ so that the people who make up our tightly interwoven teams are able to be completely themselves, produce their best work as well as develop and grow. The result is an inclusive atmosphere, regardless of race, gender, sexuality and ability. 

The more we thought about our goals, the more we realised that Vanti was driven by ideas far greater than just profit. Environmental sustainability, care and inclusivity are at the core of the organisation. 

It was clear that our work with technology had an element of social responsibility, whereby we use the latest and most exciting hardware and software to better the planet and society through energy efficiencies and user-driven experiences as opposed to solely leveraging cool tech for the sake of winning bigger and better clients.  

Furthermore, our culture work at Vanti HQ demonstrates our commitment and care for our team members’ welfare. We are constantly striving to develop a more positive workplace, one where our people can be truly accepted for who they are. 

To an outsider, these claims can be somewhat abstract and difficult to quantify. From our website and words alone, how can anyone really see our commitment to such goals and values? However, as a growing business it is vital we are able to back up such claims.

That is where B Corp Certification comes in

A Certified B Corporation is an organisation that is able to demonstrate, through passing a stringent assessment, its commitment to a positive impact on its people, customers, community, and environment. B Corps seek to benefit all stakeholders, not just shareholders, as well as work together to reduce inequality and poverty, build stronger communities and create jobs with dignity.  

When we read the B Corp website, it was like a light had been switched on.  

Not only were our ethics aligned exactly to the B Corp Certification, but our aims matched up with that of the community as a whole. Certifying would bring a whole host of perks that would benefit Vanti. We’d join a line of well-established businesses known for their positive work beyond generating profit as well as being able to quantify and demonstrate our commitment to such goals and values.  

So, we’ve decided to pledge our commitment to becoming B Corp Certified. Over the coming months, we will be sharing (very transparently), what this journey will look like, how we’re going to approach it, and any learnings we encounter. 

For more information on B Corp, head to their website.