Vanti’s working from home tips

Here at Vanti, we’re very fortunate to have a super flexible and agile culture. So, working from home is something we’re fairly used to. However, it’s not for everyone and it can present some challenges.  

In this post, we’d like to share our top tips to work from home as well as you can!

Try to maintain a normal routine 

When working from home, it can be very tempting to stay in bed for as long as possible, avoid showering until lunchtime, and stay in pyjamas all day. Don’t get us wrong, this is great once in a while and there will be times when this is appropriate (perhaps your to-do list is so hectic that daily routine needs to take a backseat, and that’s okay); this flexibility is arguably one of the benefits of working from home! 

However, when working from home for long periods at a time we find it super beneficial for our productivity to try and stick to a pattern that we might use if we were going to the office. For example, waking up early and getting dressed into office-appropriate clothes.  

Try to allocate a work space 

We all know the feeling of getting back from work, the sigh of relief whilst collapsing onto the sofa, as we kick back and relax knowing the day is done. 

One of the problems we find when working from home is that the office is in the home, which can make it difficult to fully switch off due to the lack of distance. 

The trick here, is to allocate an area within your home where all your work takes place. That way, when you finish for the day, you can leave that space and create distance as you would when working at the office.  

Working like this should help you to switch off after a long day.

Use technology to stay in touch with your team 

We’re an incredibly tight-knit bunch at Vanti, so regular remote working can present some culture challenges. Fortunately, with advances in technology there are loads of ways we can socialise with each other from a distance.  

We have found that as a minimum scheduling more frequent video call check-ins with remote workers is vital for inclusion. 

However, we have also started using an ‘always-on’ video group chat that people can log in and out of at will to mimic an office space. This has been amazing to maintain that all important office vibe when we’re all remote working. 

We also have a Slack channels dedicated to things like gaming, music, and DIY where our people can discuss anything they’re up to outside of work. 


We’ve all seen those amazing work from home setups. Super clean and tidy, well organised, with a high-end ergonomic computer setup. Whilst these are great, the truth with working from home, is that it’s a trial and error process until you find what works for you. 

Fancy staying in bed all day? If it helps you get your work done, perfect, you do you. 

Need a strict routine to stay productive? Go for it. 

However, we feel that trying to maintain a routine will help with productivity, allocating an office space allows for an easier switch off after the working day is done, and technology can be used to support that all important office culture when working remotely.  

These are just our thoughts on how to approach working from home. Think we’ve missed something out? Let us know in the comments!