We’ve signed up to the Tech Talent Charter

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) to help address the widely acknowledged diversity imbalance within tech roles. 

What is the TTC? 

The TTC was founded by several businesses across multiple specialties including recruitment, tech, and social enterprises and is backed by the UK Digital Strategy.

It aims to bring organisations together to drive important conversations around Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), generate solutions to the problems the industry faces, as well as establish best practices for moving forward. 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can sign up and the list of signatories includes leaders such as KPMG, PWC, and Sky. 

How and why did Vanti join? 

In July, Vanti team member Ria Blagburn attended the TTC Hackathon. This virtual event drew together a variety of individuals with a vested interest in the area of D&I to discuss how to make organisations inclusive for Black employees, with the findings then used to contribute to the Open Playbook, a resource for members of the TTC to help drive meaningful change with regards to D&I. 

At Vanti, part of Ria’s role focusses on coordinating best practice with regards to vital business procedures as well as supporting the team to work well together. Having also chaired the D&I Committee for BPS Birmingham, Ria is passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of D&I. Following the event Ria realised the benefits of becoming a signatory to the TTC and immediately put forward signatories from within Vanti, as well as starting to work on processes to support D&I to drive lasting change within Vanti. 

To become a signatory and to gain access to all of the vital resources that will help shape and direct Vanti’s Diversity & Inclusion work moving forward, we have committed to providing TTC with annual data regarding the demographics of the company (statistics on gender, sexuality, and race), which will contribute to their yearly report on the state of the technology sector. 

What are Vanti doing now? 

It became immediately clear that there was a significant amount of work to get stuck into. Our previous work around D&I has been fairly ad-hoc; though our intentions are good, we have not prioritised these activities enough. However, with newfound inspiration and knowledge, we have now started on the following work: 

  • Vanti’s #tackling-racism group. This started as a Slack channel following the tragic murder of George Floyd and the subsequent realisation that staying silent was no longer acceptable and that we must become actively anti-racist. By cultivating a safe space environment, the group undertakes work that helps to educate team members to help fight racism both internally and externally. For more information on Vanti’s tackling-racism work, head over to our blog post
  • We also started to review our website to ensure that when we talk about D&I we do so in a way that is genuine, up-to-date, on-brand, and bold in its commitment to completing actionable work.  
  • With newfound access to contacts with strong knowledge around D&I topics we are also looking to bring in external facilitators to help drive education of team members, as well as developing our wider D&I strategy!

So, what next?

Signing up to the TTC is a major step forward in our work around, and our commitment to, D&I. We are extremely excited to see how we can continue to implement learnings to add to our D&I strategy that will ultimately make Vanti, and the tech industry more widely, a more inclusive place to work in.